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Doctor Surech from Nehru University of India making speech at ISAS
Time:2008-06-27 Visited:2674

On the morning of 26th, June. Doctor Surech, from Nehru University of India, also the visiting scholar at ISAS, made a speech on Globalization for our graduates. In the lecture, Doctor Surech explain in detail the tremendous opportunities and motivation to the economy and services in developing country brought by globalization, as well as the profound influences and changes to national sovereignty, national identity, local culture and people’s life. He proposed the view of “Different country needs different culture”, considered that diversification is the main stream of the future foreign relations, and exerted hot discussion about how developing countries should face it with our students.

  In the end, Doctor Surech responded cautiously and minutely on the issue of why India take cautious attitude to opening –up when facing with globalization, the status-quo in Indian foreign relation research, as well as the detail of Indian students. His wonderful answers won hot applaud from our graduates.

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