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New Cooperation topic-based group of Sichuan Academy of Social Science visiting ISAS
Time:2007-03-01 Visited:1107
In light of the spirits of the party branch in Sichuan province and requested by provincial propaganda department, New Cooperation topic-based group, one of the three topic-based group on New Height, New Image, New Cooperation sponsored by Sichuan Academy of Social Science, visited ISAS at the lead of the deputy director Guo Xiaoming and communicated with our scholars and professors on the south-oriented issue, one of the three-oriented expansion put forward by secretary Liu Baoqi. The member of the group put forward some concrete problems on the status-quo of Sino-Indian economic cooperation, the influences of Sino-Indian relation to economic cooperation, the role of Sichuan-Tibet railway to the cooperation between Sichuan and South Asia. Prof. Li Tao, Wen Fude, Zhang Li and associate professor Yang Wenwu, Zhang Li made profound and comprehensive elaboration and introduction on these issues, which got high praise of member of the group.
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