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Mr. Lehmann, the director of Pakistan Policies Institute visiting ISAS
Time:2007-05-26 Visited:1204

        Mr. Lehmann, the director of Pakistan Policies Institute visited ISAS and communicated with our teachers and students on the afternoon of 4 p.m, 26th, May, 2007.

           Mr. Lehmann made wonderful elaboration on the issues of Sino-Pakistan relations, India-Pakistan relations and the relation between democracy and muslin. Mr. Lehmann demonstrated that Pakistan was one of the countries firstly acknowledged China, and kept sound relation with China since the establishment of diplomatic tie 55 years ago. On occasion of international situation fluctuating, no matter what happened in China, Pakistan would always keep a friendly stance and back up China. In the 21th century, based on the Five Principles of Peace and Co-existence, the bilateral tie of China and Pakistan was further pushed forward smoothly. In the mean time, he held that all-day friendship and all-round cooperation had become significant features of Sino-Pakistan relations. As far as India-Pakistan relation was concerned, Mr. Lehmann believed that the complex and long-term disputes between India and Pakistan apparently could not be resolved merely by some peaceful suggestions as well as positive attitude. However, people had reason to believe that favorable atmosphere and mutual understanding were conducive to realize the peace in South Asia region. The chronicle intensified India-Pakistan relation made the two countries not only competed in conventional weapons but also in nuclear armaments which cost a lot of money. The respective nuclear striking capacity were established in accordance with national securities, which also serve as a stable factor of maintaining security. Both party would take measures to reduce risks brought by accidental factor and unauthorized use of nuclear weapons, and adopt mutual-announcement means and mechanism to prevent the happening of misunderstanding. On the issue of world democracy and muslin, Mr. Lehmann considered that with the worldwide secularization, muslin internal clashes emerged, mainly the clash of secularization and religion. Secular democracy was not only violate the cultural tradition and mission, but also hurt the dignity of muslin people. Consequently, while respecting the traditions and values of muslin people, we should correctly address the negative problems internally and externally. In the end Mr. Lehmann took a photo with our 2004 graduates in the warmest applauds.
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