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Mr. Tarun Vijay Visited ISAS [07-16-2018] (Visited739)
University of Wawsaw Delegation Visited ISAS [07-13-2018] (Visited832)
Dr. Daly made a special academic lecture in institude [06-30-2018] (Visited889)
Dr. have a special academic lecture in institude [06-30-2018] (Visited1045)
Prof. Manoranjan Mohanty and Prof. Bidyut Mohanty Visited ISAS [06-06-2018] (Visited899)
A Media Delegaton Visited ISAS [05-29-2018] (Visited429)
Lecture on:The development of Nepal Situation [05-20-2018] (Visited896)
National Maritime Foundation Delegation Visited ISAS [03-31-2018] (Visited730)
Dr. Gurpreet Singh Khurana Visited ISAS [08-10-2017] (Visited1018)
Indian Think Tank Delegation Visited ISAS [07-25-2017] (Visited978)
Lecture: Nepal and OBOR: Opportunities and Challenges for Nepal [07-25-2017] (Visited589)
Scholars in India visited ISAS and delivered two lectures [07-25-2017] (Visited1501)
Society Delegation Visited ISAS [07-25-2017] (Visited631)
Roundtable Discussion: IR in Asia-Pacific in the Period of Transition [07-24-2017] (Visited646)
SCU “OBOR” Scholarship-South Asian Studies Overseas Students Training Program Concluding Ceremony [07-23-2017] (Visited854)
Roundtable Discussion: Security Dilemma and Balance of Power in Indian Ocean Region [05-17-2017] (Visited542)
University of Wawsaw Delegation Visited ISAS [05-17-2017] (Visited399)
Lecture: New Dimensions of Regionalism: The Role of China and India [03-12-2017] (Visited815)
Pro-Vice Chancellor of Shoolini University Visited ISAS [03-13-2017] (Visited554)
Arniko Society Delegation Visited ISAS [12-30-2016] (Visited565)
Lecture: Sino-Indian Relations in 2016 [12-20-2016] (Visited444)
ISAS Scholars Met with trainees of Senior Government Training Course for Nepal [12-12-2016] (Visited306)
Kabul Univeristy Chancellor Visited [12-12-2016] (Visited375)
CASS Scholars Visited ISAS [12-10-2016] (Visited388)
Lecture [12-05-2016] (Visited424)
Pakistan Delegation Visited ISAS [11-29-2016] (Visited373)
ISAS Scholar Presented the Annual Session of Chinese Association for South Asian Studies: 2016 [11-18-2016] (Visited380)
ISAS Scholars and Students Present A Special Lecture Delivered by Afghan the Second Vice-President [11-07-2016] (Visited370)
ISAS Scholars and Students Present Conference for China- South Asia Cooperation on Standardization [11-06-2016] (Visited476)
The Second SCU-TU Joint Program for International Relations Master Program Launched [10-22-2016] (Visited480)
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