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Scholar of ISAS attending the Annual Meeting of China South Asia Studies Academy [07-25-2008] (Visited3012)
Doctor Surech from Nehru University of India making speech at ISAS [06-27-2008] (Visited2695)
Economist Vasant Sukhatme visiting ISAS [04-17-2007] (Visited2458)
New Cooperation topic-based group of Sichuan Academy of Social Science visiting ISAS [03-01-2007] (Visited1111)
Young Scholar Chen Xiaoping Visiting Pakistan for a Year [01-22-2008] (Visited1182)
Prof. Li Tao and Wen Fude invited to the celebration of the 55th anniversary of india [11-12-2007] (Visited1200)
Delegate from the Institute of Policies Studies, Brec University Bangladesh Holding visiting ISAS [11-26-2007] (Visited1054)
Prof. Yang Shu visiting ISAS [11-19-2007] (Visited1401)
Mr. Lehmann, the director of Pakistan Policies Institute visiting ISAS [05-26-2007] (Visited1211)
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